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Counter surveillance  

Is somebody eavesdropping on you?


Who should be concerned about eavesdropping, being bugged or wiretapping?  If anyone or any business can  benefit from knowing something that you say, write or do, then you are a potential target. The benefit can be monetary, leverage or knowledge.

If anyone or any business can benefit from knowing what is being said, written or done within your company, then your company is a potential target.

If you are in a relationship, or have recently been in a relationship, and the other person is overly controlling or possessive, then you could be a target.

Here are some things that may indicate you or your business have become a target for eavesdropping and spying.




Do people seem to know your activities when they shouldn’t?

This is one of the more obvious signs that you may have become a target for surveillance and / or eavesdropping. If they know where you’ve been, and shouldn’t know, then there could be a GPS device planted on your car.


Has someone been in your home or office, but nothing was taken? Do your door locks suddenly feel “not quite right”?

Nobody breaks into a place for no reason. If they didn’t take anything, then there must have been another motive for breaking into your home or business. Do you notice that furniture has been moved slightly? Do electrical wall plates appear to have been removed and then replaced?


Have you noticed service or delivery trucks are often parked nearby with nobody (that you can see) in them? Do these types of vehicles stay at one location for long periods of time?

These types of vehicles can be used as listening posts, or vantage points for surveillance. You should also be wary of any service person that shows up at your home or business (and you didn’t call them) to fix a problem that you don’t know about.

Do others know your confidential business or professional trade secrets?

Theft of confidential information is a multi-billion dollar underground industry in the United States. When your competitors, associates or co-workers know things that are private, or the media finds out about things they should not know, then it is reasonable to suspect technical eavesdropping or bugging. A common target for corporate spies is confidential meetings and especially bids for a project.


Has a business associate, vendor or competitor given you a gift, such as a desk radio, lamp, or small television? Have things (lamps, exit signs, smoke detectors, pictures, plants, etc.) suddenly appeared at your business, and no one knows who put it there?

These types of items are commonly used to hide audio and visual devices that videotape and / or eavesdrop on anyone in the room. Items as small as a calculator or a ballpoint pen can hide these devices.

Have you heard strange sounds such as popping or static, or changes in volume on your phone lines? Does your phone ring and nobody is there when you answer?

These could be indicators that someone is listening in on your phone conversations. If you hear sounds coming from your phone’s handset after you hang up – this could be another indicator that someone is eavesdropping. There are devices that turn your telephone into an eavesdropping microphone that can listen in on everything being said in the room where the phone is located.


Have you noticed that an AM/FM radio is having strange interference? Have you noticed that lately your car radio or your television is acting strange?



 Who can be the victim of eavesdropping?

Almost anyone. Spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends, business associates and competitors, teachers, government employees, Construction companies (especially for bids), scientists, and attorneys can all be potential targets.

If you suspect someone may be eavesdropping on you, call us. But make sure you call from a safe location, on a safe phone line. Do not call from any location that could be suspect for eavesdropping activity. You can also create a gmail account and email us from a safe computer (Kinkos, public library, etc).

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