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For Workers Comp professionals only

Give us two days of surveillance and the first day is free!*

How can we make this claim? We can say this because we are supremely confident that we will obtain video of your claimant. 

Liberty Investigative Services has a proven track record of providing insurance professionals  and attorneys with video evidence that clearly shows the activity level of  a claimant. 

Did you just spend lots of money on Subrosa surveillance?

Did they get video?

Is the claimant clearly visible, or was the video taken from far away?

Did you get to talk directly with the investigator, or just his employer?

Were they out there for two days before they learned that the claimant had moved?

* One time offer, for new clients only

We will get video. Our video will clearly show identification of the claimant. You will have direct contact the investigator working on your case, not just his employer.

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